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  • Andi Schubert

The Burden of Being a Bridge: A Conversation with Andi Schubert ['22]

Photo credit: Jigisha Bhattacharya.

In this episode we have with us a current Gates Cambridge scholar, Andi Schubert [Class of 2022], a PhD student in the Faculty of History, in Cambridge. Andi's work explores how history can be used to challenge received frameworks of analysis, and transform the worlds we inhabit, into more just, equitable, democratic, and peaceful spaces for all communities in Sri Lanka. He completed his MA as a Fulbright scholar at Kansas State University, USA, where his dissertation focused on how shifts, in definitions of ethnic categories, shaped Sri Lanka’s first experience of national-level democracy, at the turn of the 20th Century. Andi builds on his earlier work in English and Cultural Studies to consider how conflicts over registers of time have shaped articulations of ethnic identifications after the British took control of the entire Island in 1815.

With Andi, we discuss how bridges are essential to his research, pedagogy, and political work, especially traversing through the multiple lineages, languages, regions, and disciplinary traditions that he inhabits. Drawing on his inspirations from the anthology, This Bridge Called My Back [1981], Andi reflects on how the task of building solidarity and community involves material, emotional, and intellectual labour beyond buzzwords and easy solutions.

Listen to the podcast below:

For a full transcript of this episode, see the file below:

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The views expressed on this podcast are solely those of the speakers and do not reflect those of the Editorial Board, the Scholars’ Council, the Gates Cambridge Trust or the University of Cambridge.


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