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  • Dr. Sagnik Dutta

In-Between Languages, Disciplines and Worlds: A Conversation with Dr. Sagnik Dutta ['16]

Photo credit: Jigisha Bhattacharya.

In this episode we have with us Sagnik Dutta (Class of 2016), who graduated from Cambridge in 2020 with a PhD in Politics and International Studies. Currently, they live and work in India. In their research, Sagnik shows how everyday ethical negotiations inspired by transnational Islamic feminist epistemologies and activist practices, as well as local legal cultures of engaging the law and the everyday state, shape meanings and practices of Muslim minority activism. They also show how global discourses of Islamism, Islamophobia, and Islamic reformism can be explored in the everyday life of the law using a feminist and postcolonial lens. Sagnik’s research and pedagogy is invested in decolonising the disciplines of Political Science and International Studies as well as the law using feminist epistemologies and grounded theorising that builds upon ethnographic research.

What does decolonisation mean today? How can we do grounded decolonial work across linguistic, formal, and generic registers? Roped into such critical questions they evoke, we talk to Sagnik about their public-facing academic work, their teaching, and how they bridge the gap between the multiple worlds they inhabit.

Listen to the podcast below:

For a full transcript of this episode, see the file below:

Transcript. In-Between Languages, Disciplines and Worlds. The Scholar 2024. .docx
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The views expressed on this podcast are solely those of the speakers and do not reflect those of the Editorial Board, the Scholars’ Council, the Gates Cambridge Trust or the University of Cambridge.


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