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  • Dr. Paulo Savaget

Collaboration, Culture, and Crashes: A Conversation with Dr. Paulo Savaget ['15]

Image courtesy of Paulo Savaget.

Paulo Savaget Nascimento [Class of 2015] is a Brazilian professor, consultant and entrepreneur who graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2019 with a PhD in Engineering. Prior to Cambridge, Paulo obtained degrees from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and the University of Sussex. Paulo is Associate Professor at the University of Oxford, working across the Engineering Science Department and the Saïd Business School. He formerly served as Assistant Professor of the Durham Business School and as Systems Change Postdoctoral Researcher at The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. Paulo’s research covers the mechanics of entrepreneurship through a ‘systems lens’ approach and with a special focus on large-scale socioenvironmental issues, including poverty, climate change and global value chains. He has a particular interest in working with practitioners to find and explore solutions for systemic problems in situations where resources are scarce, stakes are high and time is short.

Listen to the podcast below:

For a full transcript of the episode, see the file below:

Transcript. Collaboration, Culture and Crashes. The Scholar 2024. .docx
Download PDF • 183KB

The views expressed on this podcast are solely those of the speakers and do not reflect those of the Editorial Board, the Scholars’ Council, the Gates Cambridge Trust or the University of Cambridge.


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