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  • Andrew Robertson, Jennifer Gibson & Hunter Keith

Chaotic Beginnings, Lasting Bridges: A Conversation with The Founders of The Scholar

In this episode, we speak with three alumni from the first Gates Cambridge Cohort ['01] who were involved in the first renditions of what would become The Scholar Magazine: Jennifer Gibson, Hunter Keith, and Andrew Roberston. Jennifer started an MPhil in International Relations in 2001 and then continued with a PhD in the same subject in 2002; Hunter came to Cambridge for a PhD in Historical Studies in 2001; and Andrew was selected to complete a PhD in Biochemistry, Genetics, and Immunology in 2001. Twenty years later, they are here to bridge their stories with ours.

Listen to the podcast below:

For a full transcript of the episode, see the file below:

Transcript. Chaotic Beginnings, Lasting Bridges. The Scholar 2024..docx
Download PDF • 211KB

The views expressed on this podcast are solely those of the speakers and do not reflect those of the Editorial Board, the Scholars’ Council, the Gates Cambridge Trust or the University of Cambridge.


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