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The Body

How do we conceive of our bodies and identities in reference to place? These contributors point to a number of social issues – meta-identity, consent, the assertion of self in space and the workplace– all related to the body and place-making.

What makes me "me" in the metaverse?

In this short video, Sabrina Anjara [2014] explores the expression of identity in virtual worlds. While virtual words offer their users many new degrees of freedom in how the ‘self’ is represented, Sabrina discusses how that self-representation shifts with differences in virtual communities and shifting sense of self over time. The virtual world, in that sense, provides a unique opportunity to represent the multifacetedness and complexity of our identities.  Access the video's transcript here.

Video duration: 3:33 min

Noa Epstein Tennenhaus

A Conversation with 

In this conversation, Noa Epstein Tennanhaus [2010] tackles the concept of “Place” and “the Body” by addressing the complicated process of writing a strong application. She draws from her expertise, as a Founder and CEO of Application Shine, to propose four strategies that will help anyone – particularly those identifying as women – to own their stories and assert themselves effectively in applications and professional settings. To learn more about Noa and her work at Application Shine, go here. Access the video transcript here.

Video duration: 6:17 min

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