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How do we define home and its relation to place? Contributors address this question in a variety of forms and from both a macro and micro lens. In particular, they build on their work and experiences related to war, migration, displacement, artificial intelligence, and home-making to challenge conceptions of home as a static, purely physical, and universal construct.

On Migration and Place
A podcast by Adaiah Hudgins-Lopez, Meena Venkataramanan and Jillian Sprenger
Migration and Place

In this discussion, Adaiah [2021,2022], Meena [2021], and Jillian [2021] consider the relationship between migration and the concept of “place” through the lens of their research. Jillian draws from her research on climate migration in Sri Lankan communities (you can read more about her work in this photo essay). Meena includes reflections on refugee and asylum seeker literature as well as her journalistic work at the U.S.-Mexico border. Adaiah refers to her experience working in and researching undocumented migration and immigration law in the Detroit-Windsor transborder region. Through engaging in cross-disciplinary conversation on migration studies, they hope to broaden conceptions of the migration experience, how it can be represented and studied, and the obligations scholars have when working with (im)migrants. Access the podcast's full transcript here.

Dylan Griswold

A Conversation with 

In this personal reflection, Dylan Griswold [2019] discusses how his sense of “home” has shifted over the course of his research in Cali, Colombia and the COVID-19 pandemic. To read more about Dylan and his research visit this linkAccess the video transcript here.

Video duration: 7:35 min

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